Photography Map

Accessible from the terminal, a short walk from Arrivals, the biggest drawback is that in the current security climate hanging about in this area will probably attract the attention of BAA Security and/or the Airport Police, probably should be used for a quick visit on your way to Ingliston, photography is through a wire mesh fence, good results are possible but Ingliston offers much more possibilities. To get to this area just turn right when you leave the terminal.

Airside at the Terminal

There is no longer a spectators viewing area at Edinburgh, but photographs can be taken airside if you are travelling from the airport, I have heard stories of people being challenged by Security but the only thing that has happened to me was a member of Security saying to me that photography was illegal !! Although I was on the aircraft apron at the time! So my advice is to be a little discreet, spotting is ok as well and most movements can be read off by eye. As always if taking pictures then try and not catch reflections on your photos, easily avoided at Edinburgh, the glass is normally very clean by most airport standards, also the terminal is north facing so there isn't normally a problem with bad sunlight reflections or colour cast, the main drawback I've found is that there is a lot of ground equipment in the way, again it can be avoided