Really only accessible by car from the airport. This is the site of the old airport terminal that was called "Turnhouse", now it is where all the cargo aircraft are parked and also the based airliners not being used, typically you will see DHL Boeing 757, Maersk Boeing 767, UPS Boeing 757, TNT Bae 146 plus Fly Globespan, Royal Mail Boeing 737 + Jet 2 Boeing 737's, most of these aircraft will only fly in the evening and can't really be photographed because of various obstructions in the way, also, during the evening there are visits from other cargo aircraft like a Bluebird Cargo Boeing 737. to get to this area, leave the airport and follow the signs for Edinburgh, at the first main junction called "Maybury" look out for signs for the cargo terminal, also if you see a Shell petrol garage you are at the Maybury junction.

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