The auto mode might be enough for newbies, but you will never succeed to take fantastic photos – unless you have fantastic subjects, obviously. But even so, you will need to play with your equipment, discover the best program mode, change the shutter priority mode and exercise with the manual mode, which can turn out to be your best friend.

Handle the camera in your own way, practice a lot if you really want to become a better photographer. You cannot waste time when there are so many interesting things to learn and remarkable subjects waiting for you to photograph them. Your passion for planes will give you the urge to freeze the fast-moving objects, so make sure you know how to use the shutter speed on your advantage. Shutter speed might make aircrafts sharper and crisper, but this function will only make your subjects stay still in the air – so your image will be robbed from any sense of movement.

Use a slow shutter speed and watch how miracles will appear in the area of the rotor blades. The result is natural and the helicopter will obviously look in motion. Another trick is to pan the camera to follow your subject – the image will look far from dull! The motion and speed of the aircraft will be enhanced as the background of your subject will be wonderfully blurred and you will not even need to use photoshop in order to achieve these great results.

Shallow the depth of field when you photograph your subjects when they are on the ground. There are many aircrafts in the same place on the ground, but by using a longish lens at a wide aperture you will fix this problem and the plane will appear fantastic in your photo. Yet the best learning technique you should use is exercising as often as possible.

Do not limit your subjects to planes and other aircrafts! Capture close-up views of helicopters, photograph birds up in the air and make sure you will become as skilled as you want to be! Practice as often as possible, take a lot of shots and you will soon realize that your efforts are well-rewarded!

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