About aviation photography

You admire them every day on the clear skies. Let’s face it. Planes make us look up and ponder. You take off your smartphone, and you try to take a good photo of it, but the device couldn’t surprise the majestic details of the aircraft. Invest in a DSLR camera even if you are just an amateur! Practice daily on any subject – the appealing escorts from Eros would love to strike a pose or two. Learn how to hold the camera, and take a tripod if you don’t want to force your biceps while photographing airplanes.

Freeze the motion of the moving objects. Panning is heavily used in aviation photography because it gives you the opportunity to obtain great pictures, where the aircraft is sharp. Don't you know how to practice the move? Ask your alluring escort to get around, and try to surprise her in various positions, even though she does not stay still. Remember to ensure the best light, as it is the heart and soul of photography. Yes, especially when it comes to aviation photos!

When your models are moving, you need to make sure that the camera is continuously focusing on the subject. Select the AF mode. In case you want it to automatically focus and adjust whenever it is necessary, set the camera’s menu to assign the back button to focus. All action photographers use it. When you go out with a glamorous escort and try to photograph her in movement, this preference will make it easier to limit the shutter-release and reduce the possibility of errors.

Learn how to improve your shooting skills

The best advice you’ll ever get is to practice as often as you can. Attend to airshows, accompanied or not by beautiful escorts. If she keeps talking to you and interrupts your focus, go alone to shoot airplanes. But if you get bored easily or the show itself doesn’t last more than several minutes, consider inviting a tempting escort. After finding the interesting angles and taking what the light gives you, take a break and enjoy photographing your lovely companion.

Do you know how to improve your aviation photography skills? Pick the events that occur in the early morning or late afternoon. It’s the best moment of the day when the scene is amazingly illuminated and all subjects are in a warm light. Reduce glare, as it could confuse your DSLR camera. Don’t miss the shows that take place in winter or nearby water – the light reflected in the aircraft’s belly is simply stunning! After that, when you will show the photographs to your escort, she will congratulate you for your talent and skill. Take off your camera, slow the shutter speed, and obtain fantastic shots!

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